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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 9, 2012 4:00am-4:30am PST

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making news this morning, jobs, jobs, and more jobs. >> the jobs report is released in just a few hours. no one watching more closely than the president and his rivals. one year after a city is wiped off the map, is the search goes on. empty shelves where tylenol should be. shortages in the u.s. a sky scraper built in just days. ingenuity at work again in china.
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and good friday morning, everyone. we're hours from another f the economy's health. >> the february jobs report arrives at 8:30 eastern. closely watched from wall street to the white house. let's get specifics from tahman bradley, he's in washington with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rob, paula. the jobs report expected to show good news. that presents a challenge for president obama. if the fragile economy does not keep creating jobs every month, the opponents will pounce. today's monthly jobs report is expected to show the economy getting stronger. >> the consensus estimate is just over 200,000. some go up to 250,000. >> reporter: if so, this would be the third straight month the country added more than 200,000 jobs. despite the anticipated gooz news, there are stins recovery remains slow. the number of people seeking
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unemployment benefits rose last week to 362,000. gas prices have soared to a record high. republicans blame president obama. >> since this president has been president, the cost of gasoline has doubled. he says, well, it's not my fault. we've gone from yes, we can, to it's not my fault. >> reporter: the president took office, the unemployment rate was 7 .8%. it wept up to 10%. it's now at 8 .3%. gas prices averaged $1.84 a gallon. now the average is $3.79. president obama will focus on the economy today when he travels to virginia. the president argues the economic crisis began before he took office. and his policies brought the economy back from the brink. investors hoping for another big day on wall street.
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the dow posted two straight days of huge gains. paula, rob? >> increasing confidence driving the rebound. thanks, tahman bradley in caught. possible signs of the escalating tension between israel and iran. israel asked the u.s. for the powerful bunker-busting bombs. earlier this week, israeli prime minister netanyahu told the president that his country has decided on a military option. a report this morning says that diplomacy, not war, is the way forward. there are reports out of syria this morning that four high-ranking military officers have defected. four generals have now joined the opposition forces. they apparently fled to a refugee camp in turkey. yesterday, a governme government official joining the opposition. sunday marx one year since japan's triple disaster, the
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earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear meltdown. crews recently drained a river to look for those still missing a year later. abc's bill weir is there. >> reporter: now they've built this incredibly heart-rending shrine here. you see parents and family members have brought favorite toys or favorite kandkys, it's one of the most devastating things i have ever seen. >> recovery that will last decades for sure. nearly 16,000 people died in that ert quake and the tsunami that falled it. abc news will have extensive coverage from there throughout the weekend. investigators in pittsburgh are trying to find out why man with two semiautomatic guns opened fire in a clickic lobby.
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one person was killed. police shot and killed the gunman. seven others were shot. they survived. and from northern new jersey, a deadly night at a shopping mall. a shop-lifting suspect who took a female shopper hostage was shot and killed. the woman taken hostage was unhurt. two more skiers have been killed in an avalanche in the rockies. both well-known back country skiers were caught in an 11,000 foot slide. sergers found them yesterday. both buried under mounds of snow. the powerful solar storm that engulfed the earth didn't quite live up to the hype. the solar flares were said to be the strongest in year. threatening power grids, gps and
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airlines rerouted flights as a precaution. the storms fizzled without causing disruption. daylight savings begins on sunday. it's springtime. spring forward, fall back. the clocks go forward tomorrow night into sunday morning. >> i'm not looking forward to losing that hour. >> on this shift, it hurts. >> it does. now for the weather. drenching rain in dallas, houston, and corpus christi. as well as shreveport. about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday in the northeast, with light morning rain from d.c. to boston. >> just shy of 40 in detroit. 50s from omaha to dallas. 52 in new york. 62 in atlanta. 83 in miami. phoenix, 76, sacramento, 68, and seattle, 55. coming up next after the break, some of you may have noticed at the drugstore.
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why many people are finding empty shelves where tylenol used to be. and the changes coming to coke and pepsi. will you be able to detect a difference? and it's the video being debated around the worldnininin
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welcome back on this friday morning. bank of america is going a step further than other big lenders involved in the huge government mortgage settlement. it's giving 200,000 home owners in trouble a chance to sharply reduce their mortgages to the
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home's current market value. before this morning's february employment report, we hern that fierce about wall street jobs may have been unfounded. in fact, companies there added almost 5,000 jobs in the past year. 8,000 if you include banking and insurance. overseas markets were up overnight. tokyo's nikkei average gained 161 points today. at one point, rising above 10,000 for the first time since last summer. hong kong's hang seng picked up 185. in london, the ftse opened higher. the dow was up 71 point ts yesterday. three years ago today, the dow hit the lowest point in the recession. on top of that, the nasdaq added 35. you may have trouble finding tylenol on your store shelves. there are spot shortages for some varieties. the company is not making any
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tylenol eight-hour or simply sleep right now. many of the children's varieties are not available. there's been strong reaction following our story on pink slime, found in most of the ground beef we consume. while most stores couldn't divulge, costco, hsb and whole foods say they don't use it. beef noted organic is pure meat. coke and pepsi are changing the way they make their carmel coloring. they had to change the formulas or put cancer warning labels on them. >> as much coke as we consume on this show for the caffeine we'll know first thing if it's a little bit --
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a pair of gray whales is making quite a splash in the waters of san francisco bay. the mother whale and her calf were seen three times this week. poeters are being warned to keep their distance so they don't scare the mother away there the calf. well on i-95 from boston to d.c. and the carolinas to florida. slick on i-20 from atlanta to dallas. flooding on i-10 from new orleans to houston. if you're hitting the friendly skies, delays possible in dallas, houston, new orleans, and atlanta.
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an international crisis is getting a whel hot of exposure in a new video gone viral. is there viral is the word. it was viewed 30 million times yesterday alone, propelled by celebrity tweets and fans on facebook. especially teens and young adults. with more, he's cecelia vagilia. >> reporter: a viral video with an unusual mission. to bring down one of africa's most ruthless war lords. >> we're going to make joseph kony a house hold name. >> reporter: he's the leader of the army that has terror rised uganda. behind the movie, a group called invisible children. >> we want him captured and alive. >> reporter: the film urged view toers call, and tweet. the idea to create a celebrity army. the video posted on youtube on
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monday. on thuz, the oprah effect kicked in. she and other stars like justin bieber and ryan seacrest tweeted about it, the number of clicks skyrocketed. >> half hour of your life, just watch our video. >> reporter: at one point, 4% of all tweets were about kony's crimes. >> i'm aware of it. i've been briefed on it. >> reporter: this movie is not without critics. some say his army is no longer terrorizing uganda. and the critics are weighing in heavily on facebook, too. raising questions about the group behind the movie and whether the money they're making is going directly to the children of uganda. >> we do spend money on our films and advocacy and awareness. >> reporter: his mission is simple. nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.
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cecilia vega, anbc news, los angeles. the talk of washington last night. the premier of the movie "game change." the controversial hbo portrayal of john mccain and sarah palin's run for if white house. >> we did everything possible to be true. people are entitled to whatever opinion they're going to hold. but i do think it's -- >> game change debuts on hbo tomorrow night. palin supporters handed out details of what they say are inacucuracy in the film. the writer is standing by the film san film, saying it's authentic. peyton manning's camp wants to make a decision in the next week. they say they've told washington he's in the interested in coming
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aboard. march madness in the air. two days from selection sunday. when team foipd out where they're going to be playing. the tournament begins on tuesday. i look forward to my 4-year-old daughter taking down rob in tha competition. >> bring it. >> there's word that the president will take in a game in person. more from clen news. good morning, namey name is todd grisham. this is your espnupdate.update. it's march. it's college basketball time. everybody trying to make it to the ncaa tournament. including minnesota and northwestern. andre hollins. he had 25 points. we're tied. under 10 seconds to play, hollins for the win, no. going the other way, david sobileski, no. northwestern one of those bubble teams. who knows? if that had gone into the hoop, maybe northwestern is headed to the big dance. instead, overtime. northwestern within one. then in the last minute of the
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game, hollins to williams for the jam. minnesota wins it in overtime. they advance in the big ten tournament. they win it, 75-68. how about georgetown and cincinnati from the big apple? that's new york city. we're tied. gates, for the bear cats, no. we head to the first overtime. under ten seconds to go. georgetown down two, is ims just in the nick of time. we're tied again. going to a second overtime. off the glass. cincinnati up two. ensuing hoya possession. a chance for the win. they go to the man who sent to it a second overtime. he's not a three-point shooter. cincinnati wins a two-point game. they advance in the big east tournament. that will do it for this espn
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news update. for the latest highlights and sports news, you know where to go. espn news. it's what we do. my name's todd grisham, have a good day. >> poor northwestern. >> never made the ncaa tournament. never. coming up next, more members of whitney hews an family speaking out. and how did they do it? building a sky-scraper in just two weeks. ♪
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and it's time to check "the pull" and we start with some amazing epg nearing in china. >> this is kind of crazy here. a company seemingly achieved the impossible by building a 30-story hotel in just 15 days. they worked from inside out, around the clock. construction was able to move so fast because most of the build's pieces were made in a factory. >> once they got to the site, workers had to put them together like legos. they did a 15-story building in a week and a six-story structure in less than a day. unbelievable. >> that would never happen in america. >> not sure i want to sleep there though. >> safety inspections first. we're getting a glimpse into whitney houston's world. from one of her closest confidants, her sister-in-law and manager.
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s >> did you think that drugs would end up taking her? >> i -- in the handwriting was kind of on the wall. i wasn't kidding myself to say otherwise. >> were you afraid she would be gone too soon? >> if things hadn't changed. things were changing with her. >> oprah also interviewed houston's daughter, bobbi kristina. that show will air on sunday on oprah's network, own. it should be very eye-opening. put this one this the only in new york file. this is a goat sharing a slice of pizza with a couple in midtown manhattan. yeah, we sate goat. >> you can tell it's new york since the other diners didn't even care. they didn't raise an eyebrow. it's the same joint where donald trump and sarah palin ate last year. was he eating a goat cheese pizza? >> no, he was reuniting with
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energy. prenatal. heart. [ man] new centrum specialist helps make nutrition possible. next, accusations and apologies. tempers as the police chief tries to explain his department's decision surrounding beating death of a resident. >> upscale department store opening for the first time in walnut creek after a multi-million dollar battle. mike has the forecast. cooler and wetter forecast
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updating the day's top stories. experts predict that the february unemployment report out today will sew that 200,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. >> the president is likely to tout the report today. britain's prince harry arrived in brazil from jamaica. he's expected to emphasize the transition from the 2012 games to the 2016 games in rio. rain in the pacific northwest. scattered showers from miami to raleigh. cooler with light morning in the northeast. spring ahead tomorrow night. >> lose an hour of sleep. hey, it's getting warmer. that's the bright side. final think from thus morning, super tuesday gave the late night come ix a week's worth of material. >> it's super tuesday. like the super bowl of politics
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if the super bowl was one team slowly destroying itself. and just like the super bowl, i've painted my face with the team colors. white. >> no, it's super tuesday. followed tomorrow by oh [ bleep ], now we're really stuck with romney wednesday. >> it's wednesday in your region. super tuesday is behind us. and nothing happened. >> let's see what we can do. whether or not we can make a projection or not. guess what? ohio, ohio, ohio. >> so you're saying ohio? with a 12-foot digital clock behind you and repeating the word ohio. watch closely as this enormous balloon that was inflated before our eyes turns out to be a whoop whoopee cushion. >> ohio, ohio, ohio, the collie battle ground state.
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as expected, we cannot make a projection in ohio right now. >> are you not undertaned? >> romney did not close the deal last night. i've got more time, oh, god, i have to stop the clock before it goes off. i've seen this before. i've got to cut one of the wires. okay. okay, but which one? do i cut the white wire is this the offwhite wire? or the beige wire? i don't know. i can't decide. for some reason, none of them are exciting me. here goes nothing. [ bleep ]. let me twist these back together. i'll hit the snooze button. yes. >> they're good. that's what's making news this americth


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